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Secure your Startup's Success in just 12 weeks

35% of entrepreneurs fail simply because they don't confirm a market need

The MARKET FIT BOOTCAMP is an immersive, hands-on, guided program designed to help founders  quickly assess the viability of a business idea  so they can confidently take the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey

As a participant, you will receive:
Personal guidance through four
executive live marketing and 
business methodologies
that will help you  create a strategic plan 
Hands-on input and support as
confirm core business assumptions  (target market, value proposition, market fit, etc.)
Exclusive tools and resources to ensure you can  effectively communicate your vision  to future co-founders, partners & investors
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What to Expect 



The MARKET FIT BOOTCAMP is  a masterclass in entrepreneurship  -- you are guided through multiple MBA level strategies and tools to create a custom framework for taking your business to the next level

Establish your startup's trajectory in just 12 weeks!

Quick Sync

If you are hungry for information that will help you quickly and easily identify and take the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey ... 

... put on your thinking cap (mine has pink stripes), hit the quiz button below, answer some easy (mostly multiple choice) questions, and I'll give you a personalized action plan that will help put you on the path to success.


The quiz was incredibly well thought out and easy to complete.
Answering the questions gave me insight into where I needed to do more work and Amy's follow-up emails helped me nail down a great action plan. 

Dora Taitague

Founder & Designer
Naor & Co.

By the end of this program you will have...

Established a  point of   differentiation for your new product / service
by identifying a set of features you are uniquely positioned to offer that resonate with your target audience
Identified the  primary   customer audience  for your
new product / service
by understanding what group(s) 
of buyers
will be the most interested in what you are selling and why
Created a detailed overview
of the 
new product / service  

you want to develop
by understanding how you can  align your product / service with the needs of your target customers
Defined the  business   strategy and opportunity  for your pitch deck
by showcasing how and why
your target customers will want your new product / service
 market demand  for your new product / service
by estimating the total size of the market & how fast you expect to get traction with your target audience
Developed the  unique 
value proposition 
 for your new product / service
by defining how your product / service will help a specific group of customers solve a known problem

Secure your Startup's Future --

assess the potential
of your new business
in less than 60 seconds with this 

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The number of top 10 reasons startups fail related to a lack of market fit.

Source: CB Insights

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