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Launch Box Founder Amy Zwagerman working at a desk

Hi, I 'm


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empower  entrepreneurs   

to build meaningful businesses that

attract fans, generate revenue, &

rise above the competition by 

teaching them how to think like a 

My  Creative  Spark

No Two products (or product launches) are the same -- each one requires a slightly different approach in order to truly connect with its desired audience, fan, or customer.
Launch Box Founder Amy Zwagerman working at a tall table

My passion for marketing began over 25 years ago when I earned my stripes working for global entertainment brands such as People Magazine, Paramount, MGM, and ESPN.

I loved being a part of delivering the films, shows, and stories that people were talking about. Whether I was traveling to the final frontier with the crew of Star Trek, bringing new life to revered classics like West Side Story, or celebrating fandom with hits like The Bronx is Burning and 30 for 30, each day brought something new. The core learnings that came from those years helped me hone my creative marketing skills and sparked a philosophy that I carry with me to this day:


is also what I love most about marketing -- creating 

custom marketing strategies  that reflect the unique spirit of each project.

 School  Ties

Going backward a bit, I have a a BSBA in Marketing from the University of Arizona, where I first learned the time-tested tricks of the trade and graduate degree (MBA) from the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, where I current serve as an adjunct professor of digital media and entertainment and a project manager at the Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Sports. 

yes, that makes me both an 'arizona wildcat'      and a 'pepperdine wave'       . thankfully my loyalty has never been tested during march madness as i would bet on arizona every time -- but Pepperdine's surf team would own them on the water!

Finding  Purpose 

I founded The Launch Box in 2016 as a way to keep my feet wet while I was in graduate school, assuming I would return to entertainment marketing when I was done. Life however has a way of surprising us; and, sometime in 2020, like many people, I realized that life in the corporate fast lane wasn't all it was cracked up to be and went        in on forging my own path.

It was at this point that my entrepreneurial journey really began and I started shifting The Launch Box into the business it is today -- a boutique marketing services firm where I combine my passion for marketing and mentorship to help other founders build purposeful businesses that attract fans, generate revenue, and rise above the competition.

From finally getting serious about The Launch Box to finding my purpose -- and audience -- as a founder, it's been  an incredible hands-on journey  full of phenomenal people and businesses that I am so proud to have worked with, for, and on.


 Marketing  Manifesto

"Follow your purpose, not the formula."

(Follow your purpose, not the formula.)

I've provided advice and support to thousands of individuals and startups since I started The Launch Box. As many of them will tell you, my approach is the antithesis of cookie cutter -- I don't operate with a specific formula or preconceived plan; but instead embrace the spirit and goals of each individual entrepreneur and project.


In addition to the work I do at The Launch Box, I host live community calls for CoFoundersLab, and am an advisor inside the Detriot Techstars, Los Angeles Plug-and-Play, and Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies competition. My work has been featured in numerous industry publications including The American Marketing Association, Fast Company, Forbes, and USA Today.


mission is to craft a  custom tailored strategy  that fits your business like a glove, attracts your ideal customers, and puts you on the path to success

On a  Personal  Note

So, what am I really like? When I’m not engaging in my favorite 3Ms (Movies, Marketing, and Mentorship), you will most likely find me poolside (I'm a water sign) with my dog Zoey (an over-exuberant Australian Shepherd with one of the longest tongues you'll ever see), on a yoga mat (one of my more recent obsessions), or in the kitchen, attempting to create the world’s best pizza (my tastiest hobby) — likely engaging good-natured friends and family to assist. 

If you are in search of a little marketing magic to help your business grow, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Until then... 

Dream Big! - Amy

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