Opposites Attract

This is a new blog feed from the team here at the Launch Box called ‘Musings from the Marketing Desk’. The feed will serve as the forum for all the crazy thoughts we have that aren’t exactly what one would call advice. Accordingly, out intention is that these posts will feel more like random data dumps than well-structured stories! If you area a fan of these musings or any of our other blog entries, please leave a comment or like the post so we know what to give you more of.

This week we want to talk about a management philosophy we stumbled upon around a decade (or two?) ago called StrengthsFinder that we see Gallup has re-branded as CliftonStrengths. At it’s core, StrengthsFinder, or SF as we’ll call it from here on out for short, is an assessment tool for identifying a person’s innate strengths, i.e., the things they naturally do well. Additionally, the bigger idea behind the assessment tool is that people should focus on leaning into their strengths versus trying to shore up their weaknesses. How great is that? We wholeheartedly support any management philosophy that essentially focuses on building people up versus tearing them down.

The reason we like SF so much aside from the obvious point above is that once someone is aware of their strengths, they are able to simultaneously focus on doing the things they are good at and stop wasting time on the things they are not. Of course, we aren’t advocating (and neither is SF) that success will come to those who ignore all of the business activities they are bad at, but, rather, that people stop trying to overcome their intrinsic weaknesses and instead focus on finding other ways to fill the gaps. More specifically, the theory tells us that creating teams of people with opposite, or perhaps more accurately, complementary skills will create an environment where everyone can be more successful. Whoa – minds blown!

We know this makes our blog post 100% self-serving, but that last point is honestly what gets us up in the morning. It’s our mission to help businesses of all shapes and sizes succeed, so we absolutely love the idea of bringing other people’s ideas to life by serving as the marketing yin to their entrepreneurial yang. Additionally, we’d like to suggest that if you don’t yet know what you are most brilliant at, you should check out SF and figure it out pronto!

Here at the Launch Box, we focus on helping growing businesses build amazing brands and, as you can tell, we like to keep our finger(s) on the pulse of the industry. If you are ready to see how we can help give your brand a boost, please Contact Us to learn more. We'd love to help!


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