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16 Reasons Why a Mentor is a Must for Startup Businesses

Startup Blogpost

9 Leaders Share their Biggest Failures in 2022

Fast Company

My biggest failure in 2022 is not taking a risk. Instead of focusing on failing fast (i.e., learning if and how to make these new ideas profitable), I’ve been maintaining the status quo...

How to Improve Your Creativity: Ideas for Overcoming Creative Blocks


Morning Routines of Successful Entrepreneurs

Jane Grismer, Medium

10 Considerations for Developing Technology That Is Fast, Good, & Cheap

Lead, Grow, Develop

13 Ways to Bootstrap Your Startup’s New Product Launch

all Business

There are any number of strategies a startup can use to bootstrap their launch, but from a marketing perspective, the one I recommend most is to start by focusing on a 'local' customer base—the one you know best—first, and then slowly casting a wider net as you prepare to grow and scale. This approach will allow you to fine-tune your messaging (i.e., confirm your core value proposition) on a much smaller and more cost-efficient scale and ultimately ensure you get to know your customers really well.

The Impact of Owning A Small Business

Arizona Small Business Development Center

12 Ways to Create a Memorable Brand Voice on Social Media

When a brand is trying to establish its voice on social media, it should look to its mission, vision and values for cues about the subjects it wants to talk about and both who and how it wants to engage. 

eCommerce Marketing: 12 Best Practices From Businesses


7 Things To Consider With LLC Formation

Blythe l Grace

10 Metrics for Sales Performance to Guide your Strategy


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Hi, I'm Amy! I'm the founder and CMO of the Launch Box, a boutique marketing services firm where I serve as an advisor, mentor and Fractional CMO to thousands of startups. My primary mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve their dreams by learning how to think more like a marketer. 😘 During my time off, you will either find me lounging with Zoey (my canine partner in crime) or engaging in a never-ending quest to make the perfect pizza. (SRSLY, if you want to talk about my 🐕 or get some 🍕-making tips, DM me anytime.

  - Amy & Zoey

Launch Box Founder Amy Zwagerman working at a tall table
Launch Box Founder Amy Zwagerman

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  - Amy

If you are ready to build a wildly successful business that  attracts  fans generates  value, and  rises above  the competition, please schedule FREE Introductory Call now. I can't wait to meet you! 

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