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Let us help give your brand a boost with a custom marketing solution.

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With over 20 years of marketing leadership experience, the Launch Box can craft an integrated multi-platform game plan custom fit for your business needs. Our plan will ensure your brand is ideally positioned for success and we'll work with you to set up benchmarks for monitoring ongoing performance. We know it sounds like overkill, but we really don't like making recommendations until after we understand the big picture. 

Consumer Positioning

Brand Management

Website Development

Sales Materials

Budgeting & Spend Allocation

Performance Metrics


the Launch Box is proud to be an official member of the Wix partner program


In today's multi-faceted consumer marketplace, brands have to operate across a growing range of touch points each and every day. With deep expertise in channel management, the Launch Box can help streamline and optimize your business (how many platforms are you working with right now?) by creating a powerful sales and marketing funnel that delivers a cohesive omni-channel brand experience and drives consumer loyalty and engagement across brick-and-mortar, online, and mobile.   

Retail Marketing & Promotions
Facebook & Instagram Stores
Email Marketing
Social Validation
Shipping / Fulfillment Solutions

the Launch Box is proud to be an official member of the Shopify & Klaviyo partner programs


Here at the Launch Box, we take the time to understand your brand identity and what it means to your customers. We believe in organic growth (you won't find any bot strategies here) and will always recommend the best marketing activities to achieve your goals. Yes, we'll get into the nitty gritty of your digital marketing strategy, but don't be surprised if an old-school technique like direct mail or radio pops up if we think it will deliver more bang for your buck.

Campaign Management
Paid Advertising
Social Media Strategy
Page Administration
Influencer Campaigns

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Odds are there is already a trade or consumer organization, business, or event in existence that aligns with your brand positioning and target market, so let the Launch Box help you find and connect with their audience in an authentic way (imagine how great it would be to reach a predisposed group of customers). This is one of the main reasons we believe in the value of integrated marketing services - so we can put every tool in the arsenal to work for you as part of a single coordinated plan!   

Brand Partnerships
Affiliate Sales & Marketing
Pop-Up Shops
Event Sponsorship
Sales & Couponing



Whether you are looking to finesse your consumer positioning or make a splash in the media, the Launch Box can help position your products and get them in front of the right people - including everyone from bloggers and press to influencers and celebrities.  Our philosophy is that every brand is unique and can foster a dedicated community by focusing on organic messaging from like-minded souls, so we are partial to generating exposure based on real-life product trials and not paid testimonials from figure heads. 

Brand Messaging
Press Releases & Announcements
Celebrity Seeding
Editorial Pitching
Product Placement

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