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Seize control of your startup journey ...

... in less than 1 minute!

What are you waiting for?

It's  sooo easy  -- take this FREE STARTUP QUIZ to assess the market fit of your business and get:

Immediate personalized feedback about where you are in your startup journey 
Actionable advice on next steps you can take to optimize your chances of a successful launch 
Tailored tips and tricks that will help
you nail market fit and accelerate your path to market


Taking a FREE 60 SECOND QUIZ is  sooo much more efficient 
than hunting and pecking your way through the internet trying to master the art of product market fit

Get actionable results right now!

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If you are hungry for information that will help you quickly and easily identify and take the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey ... 

... put on your thinking cap (mine has pink stripes), hit the 'take free quiz' button below, answer some easy (mostly multiple choice) questions, and I'll  give you a personalized action plan that will help put you on the path to success.

Defy the Odds

The quiz was incredibly well thought out and easy to complete.
Answering the questions gave me insight into where I needed to do more work and Amy's follow-up emails helped me nail down a great action plan. 

Dora Taitague

Founder & Designer
Naor & Co.

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Percentage of startups who fail 
because there is no market need for their product or service

Source: CB Insights

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Avoid the pitfall --

find out what you can do to safeguard your chances at success with this 

Secure your Startup's Future --

assess the potential
of your business
in less than 60 seconds with this 

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The number of top 10 reasons startups fail related to a lack of market fit.

Source: CB Insights

About  Me 

Hi, I'm Amy! I'm the founder and CMO of the Launch Box, a boutique marketing services firm where I serve as an advisor, mentor and Fractional CMO to entrepreneurs at every stage of the startup journey. My primary mission is to help founders like you achieve their dreams by learning how to think more like a marketer. 😘 During my time off, you will either find me lounging with Zoey (my canine partner in crime) or engaging in a never-ending quest to make the perfect pizza. (SRSLY, if you want to talk about startup marketing 👩🏻‍💻, my 🐕 or 🍕, DM me anytime.

  - Amy & Zoey

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